Peacock Review – 2022

The NBC TV network uses a peacock as its logo. This emblem had led to the branding of the channel’s new online streaming service, which is called Peacock and is scheduled for launch in July 2020. Xfinity customers can access the service through the cable TV system from April 2020.

Pros of Peacock

  • A free option will be available
  • Xfinity customers will get a $5 discount on the paid versions of Peacock
  • Peacock will be available everywhere in the USA

Cons of Peacock

  • The service won’t be accessible to those who travel outside of the USA

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Overview of Peacock Internet Services

Netflix broke the mold in entertainment provision when it switched from a postal video rental service to an online video streaming platform. After initially trying to kill off the innovator, the major media corporations of America switched to competing with Netflix. NBC’s main attempt at online video streaming focused on making its network output available online for live streaming, with episodes of broadcast shows in a library for visitors to stream through a media player on the NBC website.

After gaining experience of online streaming through its website, NBC decided to go all out in the video streaming market by launching its own online streaming service that fully rivals Netflix. This is who Peacock was conceived.

NBCUniversal is a division of Comcast. Another property of Comcast is the Xfinity cable TV and internet service provider. Comcast combined the advantages of its two world-beating brands by making Peacock available on Xfinity three months earlier than its launch to the general public. The launch date for Peacock was set on July 15, 2020, and the availability date for Xfinity customers was scheduled for April 15.

NBCUniversal canceled its syndication agreements with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, pulling in its best series and reserving them for Peacock. These include The Office and Parks and Recreation. NBC has also invested in new productions, which will air exclusively on Peacock. Sports programming that is currently exclusively available on NBC Sports Gold will be made available on Peacock as well.

These moves will make the new streaming service a rival to the NBC network as well as Netflix.

Added to the NBC productions, Peacock will feature movies from Lionsgate and series from Lionsgate subsidiary, Starz. A&E and the History channel will also be licensing content to Peacock.

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Who is Peacock best for?

Peacocks programming shows that it aims to capture as wide an audience as possible. The service isn’t targeting a specific demographic but will include content to appeal to each member of the family. There are some features series that will be moving over from Universal Kids. These include Where’s Waldo? And Curious George. Other child-friendly content includes The Carebears, Shrek, and Dragons.

Among content on the site are new series of Punky Brewster and Saved by the Bell, so late teens and young adults will be catered for.

Grownups will be accessing Law and Order reruns, Saturday Night Live, and Late Night with Seth Myers. Peacock will be the first in the USA to air some acclaimed entertainment in from famed UK producers, Channel 4 and the BBC.

Another category of entertainment in which Peacock will be strong is Latino programming.

The initial video library of Peacock is light on original programming, however, a large section of the platform’s library will be available for free.

How to access Peacock

Peacock will be available on the set-top boxes provided by cable TV providers, most notably the Xfinity X1 system and the Comcast Flex streaming system. These Comcast customers are getting access to the Peacock service three months before everyone else in America. The free version of Peacock has a limit on the library, with much of the good stuff reserved for subscribers to the paid service. However, Xfinity subscribers get that paid version for free.

As Peacock hasn’t fully launched to the general public, it is still not clear exactly which types of devices the service will run over. Peacock publicists say that the library will stream over its website and also be available through mobile apps and well known set-top boxes.

It is a safe bet to expect the apps will be available for Android devices, which should include Kindle Fire tables and iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. Android-based set-top boxes and the Apple TV set-top box system can also be expected to facilitate transfers of Peacock from the internet to TV sets.

Peacock will only be available for access to viewers who are physically located in the USA. Even subscribers to the paid versions of the service will lose access when they are abroad.

Some Points About Peacock

Peacock streaming services feature:

  • Free access – A limited free, ad-supported service will be available as well as full-access paid plans.
  • Discount for Xfinity customers – Xfinity customers will all get the lower tier of the paid service for free and a $5 discount on the higher paid package.
  • Original programming – The main release of original Peacock productions will occur in 2021.  

Peacock Pricing Overview

A free version of the Peacock streaming service will give access to about half of the platform’s content. One rumor being floated by the service’s planners is that a few opening episodes of the headline original content will be available on the free service as a teaser to encourage viewers to subscribe in order to watch the rest of the series.

The paid version, which is called Peacock Premium will be available in two tiers. The lower tier will be priced at $4.99 per month and will include some adverts. The higher version for $9.99 will be ad-free. Xfinity customers will get a $5 discount on either paid plan, effectively making the lower level free to view.

Peacock Customer Service

Right now Peacock is just an advertising website with no services in place. It can be expected that the company will make a knowledgebase available on the Peacock website once the streaming service is up and running. You can also expect that support technicians will be accessible through a ticket raising form at the Peacock website and by email.