Netflix Review – 2022

Netflix evolved from a postal video rental store with an online interface. Originally, members received videos on DVD sent through the post, which they would mail back so that they could be re-rented. The service eventually dropped the mailing of DVDs once broadband was introduced across the United States and made video streaming viable.

Pros of Netflix

  • A large library for all tastes
  • Children-friendly profile
  • Exclusive big-budget Netflix productions
  • Available almost all over the world
  • Makes all episodes of serials available simultaneously
  • Options for standard definition or high definition
  • Can be accessed on computers and mobile phones and also streamed through to a TV

Cons of Netflix

  • Much of the content is reruns of shows broadcast elsewhere

Table of Contents

Overview of Netflix Internet Services

Netflix operates in every country in the world except for the People’s republic of China, North Korea, and Syria. The system is also not available in the disputed region of Crimea. The videos available on Netflix are a combination of original Netflix productions and content bought in from other producers. Many of the series available on the Netflix system are reruns of shows that originally aired on other networks.

Netflix adapts movies and shows from many countries for broadcast around the world. Each country where Netflix operates has a different legal landscape and censorship standards, so even if the same show is available in many different countries, it is actually slightly different because it will have been edited to suit each jurisdiction.

Netflix streams movies and TV shows in every category of entertainment except for pornography. Unlike some entertainment systems, Netflix does not include a library of video games.

How is Netflix different?

Netflix is the world leader in the video streaming industry. It was the first independent video streaming service that was not associated with a terrestrial broadcaster. Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney plus, and YouTube TV are just a few examples of video streaming services that have been started up by large entertainment corporations in response to the market challenges that Netflix presented.

Until recently, most of the rivals to Netflix were anchored in one nation. Amazon Prime is almost as globally available as Netflix. However, the Amazon system does not allow members to hop jurisdictions. Amazon Prime members can only access videos when they are physically present in the country where they subscribed. 

With Netflix, subscribers can access the service in any country where the system operates and stream videos. However, users get the video library of the country that they are in, not the country they subscribed in.  

Often, users are unable to tell any difference in the Netflix system when they go abroad. This is because Netflix loads the system language of the user at the point of login. So, if a US user travels to France, she will see all of the system text in English, not in French. Many US movies and shows are available in the libraries of other countries and those videos will be dubbed into many different languages. The version that is shown will be that suitable for the country that the viewer is in, but the dubbing or subtitling is driven by the preferences of the viewer’s profile.

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Who is Netflix best for?

Netflix has a very large video library that caters to all tastes. The service has a long list of videos for children, young adults, and grownups alike. There are historical dramas, documentaries, real-life crime shows, comedies, blockbuster movies, and indie films. So, there is something for everyone on the Netflix video streaming service.  

How to access Netflix

Netflix has the same web address all over the world: As soon as the system receives a request for the home web page, it detects the origin of the request and sends back the version of Netflix for that country. Any browser can access Netflix, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Netflix also produces an app for mobile devices including those running Android and those with iOS (iPhones and iPads).

Subscribers can access the site or app and then cast the videos on to a TV with systems such as Google Chromecast. There is an app for Netflix already loaded onto new Amazon Fire TV Sticks and Amazon Fire Cubes and an app for Android TV set-top boxes provide another method to get Netflix onto a TV. There is no official Netflix addon for Kodi.

Netflix profiles

By default, each account gets one user profile and one profile for children, called Kids. The Kids profile restricts its video library to child-friendly content. Each account can have up to five profiles. The Netflix system adapts the library for each profile not just according to location but also through a behavior analysis process, which tailors featured videos according to the profile owner’s viewing history.

All videos are available to a standard profile holder through a search facility even if they are not shown on the profile’s home screen.

Some Points About Netflix

The success of Netflix derives from these key features:

  • Available anywhere – People who travel a lot are not likely to get value for money out of a home cable TV service. The availability of Netflix from anywhere with an internet connection is a draw.
  • Downloadable content – Users of the Netflix mobile app are allowed to download videos for viewing in locations without the internet, such as on a flight.
  • Big budget productions – Netflix invests a lot of money in high profile productions. These attract a lot of publicity in mainstream media and are not available anywhere else. The Crown and Tiger King are examples of this phenomenon.

Netflix Pricing Overview

Netflix offers three plans: Basic, which streams in standard definition, Standard, which is high definition, and Premium, which offer ultrahigh definition. The Basic service allows only one device to be logged in at any time. With the Standard plan, each account is allowed two simultaneous connections and the premium plan allows four.

Basic cost $8.99 per month, Standard cost $12.99 per month and Premium is priced at $15.99 per month.

Netflix Customer Service

Netflix customers get access to a help system that includes a searchable knowledgebase with tips and advice on technical and account issues. The customer support team can also be contacted by phone or email.