Amazon Prime Video Review – 2022

Amazon Prime membership gets buyers on the amazon website free express shipping. Since December 2016, a video streaming service was added to the Amazon Prime package. Amazon Prime Video is charged for as a subscription service.

Pros of Amazon Prime Video

  • Wide range of entertainment
  • Free family accounts
  • Exclusive Amazon Prime Originals content
  • Child profiles with access controls
  • Ultrahigh definition streaming available at no extra cost

Cons of Amazon Prime Video

  • Not all videos available are included in the plan and require extra payments

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Overview of Amazon Prime Video Internet Services

Amazon Prime Video is available all over the world except for the People’s Republic of China, North Korea, Syria, Iran, and Cuba. Amazon Prime Video airs original productions and also buys in entertainment from other producers. Many of the TV series shown on the site are reruns. The movie selection on the Amazon Prime Video service ranges from big blockbuster productions down to niche art-house indie films and cutting-edge documentaries.

Amazon has invested a lot of money in its Prime Video service in an attempt to fully compete with Netflix. Amazon Prime Video is not the same thing as the Amazon Fire TV Stick. However, it is possible to stream Amazon Prime video over the Firestick.

How is Amazon Prime Video different?

One key difference between Amazon Prime Video and its rival video streaming services is that it is tied to the Amazon shopping platform. Amazon started out selling books, which it still does. The service expanded into selling videos, which are delivered through streaming.

Amazon Prime Video includes a base package of videos and then offers add-on packages from entertainment suppliers, including Starz and national carriers, such as UKTV in Britain. It is still possible to rent or buy videos for streaming. Rental videos are made available in the renter’s video library for a limited period, while those that are bought are permanently available. There is no physical delivery of video DVDs either under the rental or purchase program on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video is not universally available. Subscribers that travel overseas lose access to videos, although they are still able to view the library. An exception to this system is within the EU. This is because EU laws state that digital services paid for in one member state should be accessible anywhere within the Union.

Amazon Prime Video also allows access to pay-per-view live sporting events. The service has exclusive rights in the UK to the live broadcast of English Premier League matches. It also has the UK broadcasting rights for the ATP World Tour and the US Open tennis tournaments.  In the USA,

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Who is Amazon Prime Video best for?

Amazon Prime Video has a wide range of entertainment and is suitable for all ages and all tastes. The only type of video that isn’t available on Amazon Prime Video is pornography.

How to access Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video shares the same website with the shopping platform. The web address has a different top-level domain for each nation, so the service is accessed at for the USA, for the UK, for France, and so on.

Users logged into the Amazon platform can access Amazon Prime Video from the top menu strap on the site or from the Account details drop-down menu. Subscribers to Amazon Prime Video are presented with a list of videos available for streaming. The layout of the library menu is very similar to that used by Netflix. Categories are shown as scrollable horizontal stripes of video pictures. Clicking on a video gets access to details about the video with a play button. The video will play within the website.

As a standard website, the amazon Prime pages can be accessed through any browser, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. Apps are available for iPhones and iPads, and the Amazon Prime app is pre-loaded onto Kindle Fire tablets, Amazon Fire TV Sticks, and Amazon TV Cube.

There are apps available to access Amazon Prime Video through Android-based set-top boxes and Apple TV and Roku boxes. Many digital TVs can also host the Amazon Prime Video app. Amazon Prime TV can be streamed through Nintendo and Xbox games consoles.

Amazon Prime Video profiles

Much like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video uses profiles for its customers. This enables the service to adapt the video library according to the viewing history of the user. Amazon recently created the Amazon Household Account. With this service, each account is entitled to two standard profiles plus four teen profiles and four child profiles. Each junior profile type has age-appropriate content limits. The other adult that is allowed to share the Prime account also gets other Prime benefits, such as free express delivery on Amazon purchases.

Some Points About Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has the following key features:

  • Linked Household accounts – The two adult members in a Household plan keep their own individual Amazon accounts but both can access all of the Prime benefits that one of them has paid for.
  • Original entertainment – Amazon Original videos are big-budget shows and movies that are only available on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Downloadable content – videos can be downloaded for viewing offline through the Amazon Prime Video app.

Amazon Prime Video Pricing Overview

Amazon Prime Video is part of the Amazon Prime package. This is a monthly subscription service or it can be paid for annually. The price of a standard account is $12.99 per month or Amazon Prime Student membership costs $6.49 per month or $59 per year. EBT and Medicaid holders get Amazon Prime for $5.99 per month. Creating a link to another account in order to set up sharing as an Amazon Prime household does not cost any more than a standard account.

Amazon Prime Video Customer Service

Amazon Prime customers can contact the support team through a live chat service at the Amazon website. There is also a searchable knowledgebase that answers technical and account questions so users can fix their own problems. The Amazon customer support team can also be contacted by phone and email.