FuboTV Review – 2022

FuboTV started out as an online streaming service that specialized in soccer. After expanding to cover other sports, fuboTV now also carries a wide range of entertainment. This rapidly expanding service is becoming increasingly prominent and is now in its fifth year of operation.

Pros of FuboTV

  • Full TV service with all the major channels on a schedule
  • A strong focus on sports broadcasters
  • Access to live sports events around the world
  • Specialist packages for Spanish speakers

Cons of FuboTV

  • More expensive than basic cable packages
  • Shuts off when traveling abroad

Table of Contents

Overview of FuboTV Internet Services

FuboTV was originally dubbed the “Netflix of soccer” but now it is a full-on competitor to Netflix and other online streaming video services. The fuboTV system aims to provide a range of entertainment that can replace a home cable TV package.

The fuboTV platform can be accessed online through browsers and mobile apps and is also accessible through set-top boxes and smart TVs to get directly onto the screen. However, in all forms, the service is carried over the internet.

How is fuboTV different?

While Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, and other major video streaming services operate as video-on-demand systems, fuboTV competes directly with cable TV packages by offering major scheduled TV stations in its bundles. Each show that airs on fuboTV is available on catchup TV for 72 hours after its initial screening. So, fuboTV offers a very different experience of online video services.

The fuboTV carries the major terrestrial TV broadcasters – NBC, ANC, CBS, and Fox, plus specialist sports channels including NBC Sports and Bein Sports. Higher plans include Showtime, NBA, NFL, and NHL channels. Specialist extra packages, such as a cycling channel package and foreign language stations from Latin countries are also available.

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Who is fuboTV best for?

FuboTV is not cheap. Cord cutters who are motivated by the idea of saving money by canceling a cable TV contract would be forced to think again if their only online streaming option was fuboTV. This system doesn’t compete with basic cable but looks for customers who would expect to take out higher TV plans. Those who particularly want to get a sports TV package are more likely to consider fuboTV as an option.

The subscribers to fuboTV still need to pay for internet service, so the fuboTV option has to be considered by adding on the cost of an internet-only plan plus fuboTV against a combined cable TV and internet package with a sports bundle add-on. On that basis, fuboTV starts to look competitive.

The Standard package includes channels for children, such a Universal Kids, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Nick Jr. However, looking at the channel list, it is clear that dad would probably be hogging the TV to watch NBC Golf or NFL Redzone.

The fuboTV Latino sports package is very unique and is the cheapest plan available on the service. This is called Fútbol Quarterly and, as the name suggests, focuses on TV sports channels from Latin America.  

How to access fuboTV

FuboTV is primarily a scheduled TV service and can be channel directly onto TV screens. Samsung smart TVs don’t need a set-top box to get fuboTV to play. Owners of other TV sets will need a set-top box. The fuboTV service can be channeled through Roku, Apple TV, any IPTV box with an Android operating system, and Amazon Fire TV stick and Amazon Fire Cube.

All of the TV channeled in fuboTV can be accessed on a computer through any standard browser – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or Safari. The system can optionally be forwarded from computers onto TV sets with Google Chromecast. FuboTV can be accessed through mobile devices thanks to a fuboTV app, which is available for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and Android phones. The Android app from Google Play will also install on Kindle Fire tablets.

FuboTV is only available in the United States, Canada, and Spain and the service becomes inaccessible when subscribers travel outside of their home country. So, thanks to mobile apps, it can be watched anywhere, but not abroad.

Some Points About FuboTV

FuboTV streaming services feature:

  • Cloud DVR service – A cloud-based show recorder is included in all plans with 500 hours of space.
  • Full TV schedule – FuboTV offers the full TV experience with scheduled channels rather than video libraries.
  • Catchup TV – All shows broadcast on fuboTV are accessible for 72 hours after being shown in the schedule.

FuboTV Pricing Overview

FuboTV has five packages and also offers add-on channels and bundles. The five plans are:

  • Standard – 102 channels plus live events at $54.99 per month
  • Family — 102 channels plus live events at $59.99 per month
  • Family Plan with Showtime — 102 channels plus live events at $69.99 per month
  • Ultra — 173 channels plus live events at $79.99 per month
  • Fútbol Quarterly — 30 channels at $59.97 per quarter

The Standard and Fútbol Quarterly plans include the ability to channel the TV to two screens simultaneously. That allowance increases to three on the Family plans and the Ultra package. An extra screen allowance can be added to the Fútbol Quarterly plan for $5.99. The only difference between the Standard plan and the Family plan is that the Family plan has a three-screen allowance instead of two.

Other add-ons include a cycling sports package, a Latino entertainment package, an extra sports channel plan, and the addition of Italian RAI TV or a bundle of sports channels from Portugal and Spain.

A Showtime add-on is available for $10.99 per month.

FuboTV Customer Service

The fuboTV website has an entire subsite dedicated to customer support. This service includes “how-to” videos” and solutions to commonly encountered problems. The searchable knowledgebase on the site has answers to technical problems and also guides on how to use the account screens and settings in the system and how to use the access and playback features of the fuboTV streaming service.

The customer support team can be contacted via email or telephone.