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AT&T Internet Review – 2020

As a giant in the field, AT&T is pretty difficult to beat. It benefits from years of investment in its telephone and data networks and has laid a comprehensive grid of wires and cables across the USA.

CenturyLink Review – 2020

CenturyLink, based in Monroe, Louisiana is one of the USA's largest telecommunications companies.

Optimum Review – 2020

Optimum’s coverage area is very small. It covers only four states. However, they are densely populated: Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

TDS Review – 2020

TDS has found itself a very interesting niche by focusing on the rural areas that other internet providers pass over. This means that in many locations within its service coverage area TDS has no competition.

WOW! Review – 2020

WOW! stands for Wide Open West. It is a cable TV company that also offers telephone and internet services over its network. WOW! is the sixth-largest cable internet provider in the USA.

Charter Spectrum Review – 2020

Charter Communications, Inc., based in Stamford, Connecticut, is one of the USA’s largest cable TV providers.

Frontier Review – 2020

Frontier is well known for offering internet services in rural areas. The company made a name for itself by reaching remote areas that other internet service providers weren’t interested in servicing.

Mediacom Review – 2020

The Mediacom network is very cost-effective because it achieves a compromise between speed and cost delivering customers a respectable speed for their internet service without costing the earth.

RCN Review – 2020

RCN has very low prices which makes it very competitive. It operates in only seven states, but they contain densely populated areas, which is where RCN concentrates its services. The company serves Chicago, Boston, Washington DC metropolitan area, Lehigh Valley, New York, and Philadelphia.

Suddenlink Review – 2020

A cable TV provider that also offers internet and telephone services over its network. It is the USA’s seventh-largest cable internet provider. The company’s service area includes territory in 19 states.

Verizon Fios Review – 2020

Verizon Fios is the fiber-optic division of Verizon Communications. The company offers TV, telephone, and internet services over fiber-optic cable. Fiber-optics enable much faster transfer speeds than traditional wire-based cables.

Kinetic Windstream Review – 2020

In February 2019, Windstream changed the brand of its residential services to Kinetic. The company is the sixth-largest DSL internet provider in the United States.


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