DSL Internet

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line, and is a way of utilizing existing twisted pair copper wire that provides you with phone service to provide you with high speed internet service as well.  DSL actually denotes the generic technology, and there are different types of DSL. The most popular type of DSL service right now in the United States is ADSL, which stands for Assymetric DSL. This means that your download and upload speeds are not the same. Typically, the Download speed is much faster then the Upload speed. This works for the large majority of internet users, as most internet service users spend most of their time downloading music, videos, email and other services

DSL Download speeds are similar to those of Cable and other High Speed Internet services, between 1 to 5MBps. The major different is in uploading speeds, which is signifinicanlty less then cable internet access.

One of the major benefits of DSL Internet service is the ability to choose between providers. For example, you could choose to use Verizon, AT&T or another local phone company. Some companies, such as Verizon, even offer a deal where you can get long distance and high speed internet at a reduced rate, similar to cable bundle deals from the cable providers.