Xfinity is a brand of Comcast. Until 2010, Comcast used its own name to market its cable TV, landline, internet, and wireless services. Comcast is the largest provider of cable internet in the USA under the Xfinity name with 26.5 million internet customers.


Although the Optimum coverage area isn’t very large, it is densely populated, containing a population of 12.4 million people. That is the fourth-largest cable coverage area by population in the USA.


Cox Cable is the third largest cable internet provider in the United States in terms of coverage area. The network of Cox reaches out to 19 states. It offers a range of plans that deliver speeds of between 10 Mbps and 300 Mbps.

Charter Spectrum

Spectrum is a brand owned by Charter Communications Inc. The company is based in Stamford, Connecticut and it uses the Spectrum name to market its cable TV services. Spectrum is the second-largest cable TV network in the USA, behind Comcast.


AT&T has a long history as a telephone company. Like most telephone companies in the world. The company uses its telephone wire network to deliver internet services to home and businesses across America.