How to Find Wifi Hotspots

Running low on mobile data? Slow internet speeds on your smartphone? Need to work on a laptop while out in public?  You need a Wi-Fi hotspot. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots for free. You might even be paying for access to a premium Wi-Fi hotspot through your mobile carrier […]

Best Internet Providers – 2020

Deciding which is the best internet provider in the United States is a difficult calculation that combines reliability, speed, and value with availability. When you come to choose a service for your home or business, you will discover not all of the services in the country are available where you live and not all of […]

Best Internet for Gaming – 2020

Most internet users need to get sufficient download speed for applications like video streaming. However, gamers also need to focus on the upload speeds offered by potential internet service providers (ISPs). This is because the data traffic from the user to the central server is greater in gaming than typical entertainment systems that just require […]

Best Small Business Internet Providers – 2020

Making a success of a small business is all about exploiting the advantages of the company’s size. Owner-managed and family-run businesses don’t have to worry about motivating staff and the question of whether the manager can be trusted is moot. Small business owners think of the company as an extension of their households. When things […]

Best Business Internet Providers – 2020

Internet providers compete through TV ads to promote their best offers. However, those advertisements relate to the internet services available for residential users. The league table of internet services for business is quite different. Assessing the right internet service for a business greatly depends on the nature of the business. Not all companies require high […]

Fastest High-Speed Internet Providers – 2020

The USA has hundreds of internet providers and researching all of them takes a very long time. Another problem with looking for a fast internet service is that not all providers are available all over the country and each service has different maximum speeds in different parts of the country. The fastest internet service in […]

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Most people benefit from cloud computing, even if they aren’t aware of it. Storing data in “the cloud” is increasingly common for both consumers and businesses.  But online storage is just one small aspect of cloud computing.  For example, cloud-based operating systems, computing power, and virtual environments are helping developers create new software. And cloud […]

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile network technology. It’s set to be a huge change in how people — and machines — access the internet. The benefits of 5G would go well beyond streaming mobile HD video. 5G promises speeds fast enough to run smart cities and coordinate a network of autonomous vehicles.  This […]

How to Keep Kids Safe Online

Children’s online privacy is a crucial element of child safety. Understanding and supervising children’s online behavior is just as important as understanding and supervising their real-world behavior.  This article will explore how to: Understand the threats kids face online Communicate about online child safety and cybersecurity among family members Use parental control software to restrict […]

How to Choose an Internet Service Provider

Choosing the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your needs is a big decision.  The right choice means faster downloads and streaming, better reliability, and cheaper subscription rates.  In this article we’ll explore: How to choose the right internet speed How to choose the right connection type Which of the major ISPs is right for […]