Satellite Vs. Cable Internet Access

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h1>Connecting via Cable or Satellites: Which is the better option

In terms of connectivity Cable Internet and Satellite Internet services is growing in popularity every day. Traditional ways of connecting your home PC by the use of dial-up connections have been shunned for these modern services. Both services offer greatly enhanced speeds over dial-up connections which

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run at 56kbps. There are many factors to consider in making the decision of whether what type of connection is best suited for your needs. Cable and Satellite Internet services have their own unique features which make them stand out from the other. Before choosing either one of them a simple understanding of the basic advantages and disadvantages that each type presents should be considered.

There is only one definite answer to this question; it depends on how and why you need internet services. Below is a simple guide on choosing which particular service meets your needs.

Cost of Services

Price of satellite services for every day consumer use has significantly dropped today. Satellite service in the past has been out of the reach of ordinary households and limited to high scale consumers. In terms of service costs, the difference between cable and satellite service is dropping. This has made satellite service available for average homeowners and small businesses. But in terms of cost to service ratio, cable internet prices are still significantly lower than satellite internet. Satellite services are more expensive because

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they use orbiting satellites to transmit and receive data. Cable internet however uses ordinary cable connections for data transfer.


Data Transfer

Cables can carry large amounts of data at great distances without significant signal losses. Satellite internet services on the other hand carry larger amounts of data at even greater distances. Bandwidths which determine the amount of data that could be transferred is significantly higher in satellite connections. Available transfer rates for both cable and satellite internet are limited due to caps internet services provide to their customers. Data transfer is affected by the number of users connected. Network and Internet services put caps in order to provide their customers an equal online experience.



Satellite and Cable internet connections are always on; access to your internet service is as easy as powering up your computer and launching your web browser. In terms of availability of the

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connection or breakdowns in service satellite and cable internet have different factors which should be considered. Outages (total loss of internet connections) and intermittent (sudden decrease in speeds) connections are the most common complaints for internet subscribers.

Satellites are prone to signal interruptions. Data is transferred over the air and signals are subject to interference from exposure to the elements. In extreme weather conditions like electrical storms, signals get disrupted and this could be seen with intermittent internet connections. Cable Internet however runs on simple cable lines which are protected from the elements. The main problem for cable connections are due to breaks in the continuity of the lines. These types of problems could be easily fixed by simple technicians dispatched to restore connections.


Availability of Service

Cable internet is a great way of integrating your local cable TV services with going online. This is more economical than getting a cable TV service and a separate internet service. Cable services however are limited to areas which cable service is available. This does not hold true for satellite internet service, internet through a satellite connection is not limited to location. Satellite internet services could be provided to even the remote locations which telephone or cable services are absent. The main reason why companies have been offering satellite communication applications is that its services are available in almost any part of the world.


Making the choice

Cable internet connections offer greater speeds and convenience. It is also a more cost effective option than satellite internet services. A summary of the services and features gives Cable internet connections advantage over satellite internet services. Satellite internet services provide one feature no other type of internet connection can offer, the flexibility of setting up an internet connection without conventional infrastructure like cables or wires.

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