What is Cable Internet

Connectivity Options:  Cable Internet

With want far outreaching its availability, internet connection is fast becoming an integral part of everyday life. Internet services provide a convenient means of communication and sharing information with each other. It has surpassed traditional sources of information such as books. Communicating has also been enhanced with better service, offering both audio and video as a tool for communication. Conventional means of messaging such as sending mail through postal services has even decreased with the introduction of email services.

What is a Cable Internet?

Cable internet is simply an Internet connection that runs through your TV’s local cable connection. Cable companies have introduced this as a means of providing a more diverse range of services with their product. Speeds are similar to those offered by DSL connections with speeds rated at 1.5 Mbps. This represents a huge improvement over dial-up and ISDN connections.

Internet service is available by connecting your standard cable connection to a cable modem. The cable modem acts as a translator between your computer and signals travelling through the cable. On paper, cable internet provides up to 27 Mbps download and 2.5 Mbps upload speeds. A T-carrier system however is often used for cable connections. This system only allows 1.5 Mbps thus the true potential of a cable internet connection is not realized.

Advantages of Cable Internet

Cable Internet is a great way of integrating different digital service in your home. Cable TV allows you access to your favorite channels and now with the addition of Cable Internet makes getting the latest information through your PC a cinch.

Greater Speeds

Cable Internet connections offer some of the fastest speeds available for High speed Broadband services. Connection speeds however depends largely on the number of people using the bandwidth. Type of cables used also affects bandwidth capacity and limits internet speed.

In terms of raw speed, Cable clearly has an advantage over DSL and satellite connections. Cable speeds are rated at 30 Mbps and standard DSL comes at 10 Mbps. Cable internet services however put limits to the maximum speed a customer uses. This allows for more subscribers that can be accommodated.

The obvious advantages of enhanced speeds are faster downloads and uploads. With a faster connection, large files and documents could be downloaded in a couple of seconds. Listening to streaming music is smooth as buffer times are almost non-existent. Running multiple browsers simultaneously is also not a problem with downtimes limited to your PC setup.

Cable Internet Availability

Access to your favorite website is 24/7 with a Cable internet connection. Cable Internet connections are standalone systems and don’t need other equipments such as a phone connection to function. Pulling up a website is as easy as clicking your web browser and launching the application.


Cable Internet services are competitively priced with regards to other internet connections such as DSL. In terms of speed to cost ratio, Cable Internet comes on top of DSL. Cable Internet connections offer greater speeds at similarly priced DSL packages.


Cable Internet services provide the same dedicated support they offer their ordinary cable customers. Dedicated toll free numbers are on standby for consumer concerns and a technician could be dispatched for complicated problems. Unlike other types of internet connections, Cable connections are simple and trouble shooting is simpler. Down times are limited to a few hours at the most unlike other types of internet services.

Disadvantages of Cable Internet

Potential speeds for cable internet is its greatest advantage over other types of internet connections. However speeds maybe limited to quality of cable used and number of people who use the service.

Cost of Cable Internet  installation

Installing a Cable Internet connection might prove expensive during installation. In order to realize the potential speed of a Cable Internet connection, high bandwidth cables must be utilized.

Cable Internet Access

Unlike DSL connections which run through POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines, cable services are not available in all areas. Customers who wish to avail of Cable Internet must check their area for availability.

Cable Internet provides consumers with a fast and cost effective way of going online. These types of connection provide you with excellent connectivity speeds but may vary depending on the number of users online. For consumers who are currently subscribed to a cable provider, a Cable Internet connection provides a great way of integrating online and viewing services.

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