Cable Internet

Cable Internet is probably the most common type of broadband internet access now available in the United States. If there is a cable provider who provides cable tv service in your neighborhood, then there’s a good chance you can get high speed internet access from your cable provider.

Cable Internet works over the same fiber optic cables that your cable provider uses to send television to your house. Because the required bandwidth for Cable TV is so large, your cable provider already has the available infrastructure to send your large amounts of data.

Internet Speeds on a cable internet connection can be anywhere from 4 – 8 MBP/s, and unlike a dsl internet connection, the upload and download speed of a cable connection are typically synchronous, meaning that you can download and upload files to the internet at the same speeds.

Probably the biggest downside to getting your high speed internet provided by a Cable company is that there is very little to no choice of who carries your upstream. In other words, you’re pretty much stuck with whoever your current cable company is. Generally speaking,  the quality and reliability of high speed internet via cable is pretty good, although it can sometimes change depending on the number of other cable users online and how good your providers internet connection is.

The great thing about getting your internet from your cable company is the ability to bundle different services. Companies like Comcast, Road Runner or Optimum allow you to combine services like Cable TV, Internet and Internet Phone together into one low monthly bill. A great Example of this is the Comcast Triple Play, which allows you to buy all three services for $99 per month.

It’s important to note that even with all three services, one does not impact the other, so you can watch TV, surf the internet and speak on the phone at the same time.