Broadband Internet and Cable Modem Guide

Welcome to Cable Modem Help – we are your premier resource online for all things related to high speed internet, broadband connections, online access, hardware (modems, routers, switches etc) as well as providing information on deals offered by various internet service providers.

This site has recently been revamped and is now divided into the following sections:

DSL Internet Access

The DSL Internet section covers everything you would need to know about xDSL, or a Digital Subscriber Line. Learn what DSL is, and How DSL Works. Decide whether DSL is right for you, and then learn about various options and deals offered by companies like  Verizon , Qwest, AT&T, and Yahoo.
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Cable Internet Access

Our Cable Internet Section will help you learn what Cable Internet is, how cable internet works, what type of cable connection you should go for. If you already know that Cable is right for you, might we suggest looking at pages by companies like Comcast Cable,Time Warner Cable Internet, Charter Cable Internet, Insight, Mediacom, Optimum and Windstream.

Satellite Internet

What is Satellite Internet? How does Satellite Internet Work? Which is Better, Satellite Internet or Cable? Who Provides Satellite Internet Access? Take a look at our Satellite Internet Access Provider page, as well as special consideration to Hughesnet, Wildblue, and Dish Network Satellite Internet. There is also a special page on Satellite Internet in Iraq as well, for all of those currently serving overseas. Recently we were asked about several Satellite Internet providers. We recommend:

Wireless Internet

Our Wireless Internet Section deals with everything related to broadband access over a Wi-Fi Connection. You can learn about the different types of wireless internet access, and then see how wireless internet works. Learn the Difference between Wi-Fi and 3G, and find out all the differences between the various wireless internet protocols,  as well as how to set up a wireless network. We will also look at various wireless routers, wireless cards, wireless bridges, and other wireless internet equipment. You can also take a look at wireless internet access providers (WISPs) and find out more about the concept of wireless hotspots.

Cable Modems

Let’s not forget our history. When we originally started in 1999 we were focused primarily on Cable Modems and Support. To that end we still have a lot of great info on modems that are used for cable internet.  We offer a Cable Modem Speed Test. We also have extensive information about Linksys Router Setup and Troubleshooting Modem and other models which may be the best cable modem. Also see information about Cable Modem Router and the cable modem wireless router.

Finally, we used to have a large section devoted to Dial Up Internet. Given, however, that dial up is quickly going the way of the dodo and serves a small fraction of the population, we are no longer maintaining it. The current section will remain up as long as possible but since dial up internet and old style 28.8k and 56.6k modems are no longer really used by the masses, we find it hard to believe that this information will be useful to anyone.